Nozzle Type Vacuum Band Sealer

Feature of Product
・ Easily operated nozzle vacuum band sealer with excellent vacuum performance
・ Powerful and quick vacuum packing
・ Productivity and efficiency improvement due to touch panel installation
・ Sealer angles can be adjusted from horizontal angle to 20 degrees.
・ Even unskilled users can operate it with a variety of film sizes
・ Adjustable seal affixing position
・ Print (type) replaceable without needing a tool
・ Broad use from polyethylene (PE) film to laminating film
・ Applicable to a wide variety of industries including cookies, foods, delicacies, miscellaneous goods, and industrial products
・ Automatic or pedal-operated manual work possible
・ Productivity maximization with the operation conveyor nozzle mode
・ Choose between an ejector mode and a vacuum pump mode
Product Specification
ModelNozzle Type Vacuum Band Sealer
Voltage220V 1Φ
Machine Size1600L x 700W x 1000H
Conveyor Belt Width250mm
Adhesive Width10m/m
Adhesive Speed0~15m/min


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