Automatic Mask Packaging Machine Box-Motion Type

Feature of Product
・ Accurate adhesiveness and cutting with a servo motor control mode
・ Embedded touch screen (The user can check the film length, temperature, quantity of packing with the naked eye.)
・ Even unskilled people can operate the machine due to its simple structure and high quality parts.
・ Various sizes of film can be quickly replaced
・ 70mm length and longer film can be used.
・ Smooth operation and cutting
・ Adjustability to different sizes enables packaging of various masks
・ There is no film loss in film replacement due to a “I mark” home positioning function
Product Specification
VoltageAC 220V single phase
Machine size (mm)3130(L) x 550(W) x 1140(H)mm
Film maximum width280mm(Additionally manufactured in case of ordering larger than 280mm)
Operation speed0~100EA/min
Operation typeservo control
* You can see the product in more detail through the video.
Detail Picture
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Sample Picture
* These are samples produced through the product.